Data Driven Intelligent Solution for Critical Care and for all Inpatient Clinical Pathways

Data Integration, Workflow Automation, and Intelligence for Emergency, Operation Rooms, Wards and for Specific ICUs - Neuro, Cardiothoracic, Surgical, Heart and Lung Transplant, Medical, and Neonatal
Automatic Data Capture from Medical Devices
Automatic data capture from Multiple Medical Devices including Patient Monitors, Syringe Pumps, and Ventilators from various device manufacturers, using specialized IoT devices along with combination of server and database applications
ICU Specific Features
ICU specific Features customizable for your ICU. Integration of ICU specific advanced medical devices ICU specific Clinical Scores and Advanced Alerts  
Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device
Live real time data is accessible by users from anywhere using a web browser. This helps in expert clinical decision and advice from anywhere. Physicians can have access to the clinical history, live vitals, live waveforms and playback.
Workflow Automation
Advanced user friendly modules for workflow automation for all clinical pathways Automatic data integration of device and lab data, completely replaces your paper based workflow. Nurse overload related to data entry is reduced more than 70%. Modules cover Fluid Balance, Nurse and Physician Notes, Interventions, Drug Prescription and Administration, Assessment, Patient Demographic data and Clinical History, Lab Data, and Procedures Automatic pdf reports. Medico-Legal compliant reports
Comprehensive Data Integration - Lab, Radiology & HIS - Data Security and Privacy
Data from Medical Devices, laboratory results, and radiology images are integrated. Follow latest Healthcare standards. Inbuilt HL7 and FHIR interface engine. HIPAA Compliant
Data Driven Predictive Intelligence - Alerts
The comprehensive real-time collection of data enables computation of various clinical scores and provide predictive analytics and alerts. Sepsis, and other critical conditions are predicted and shown on the dashboard. Drug suggestion engine and Clinical Decision Support. Physician and user customized alerts for vitals, lab data, and application predicted critical alerts. Alerts can be received on email, SMS, Whatsapp or on Telegram

COVID-19 Monitoring and Clinical Management in the ICU

  • Remotely monitor Ventilator and Patient monitor. Alerts and Reports
  • COVID-19 specific ICU protocols and Care Bundles.
  • Analytics, auto triaging, Clinical Decision Support
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Remote Deployment and Setup
  • We provide detailed documents for setting up the network and server to the Hospital
  • zMed Tech team then deploys the zMed application remotely
  • Minimal hardware and IT requirements
  • On-premises and Cloud server
COVID-19 Specific Interventions. Protocols and Care bundles based on WHO guidelines
  • Configurable custom workflow
  • Clinical management of SARI, SRD, and ARDS
  • Sepsis detection and Management
  • Fluid Management Strategy
COVID-19 specific analytics, reports, auto-triaging, and Clinical Decision Support
  • Auto computation of clinical scores
  • Auto-triaging. Mild, Severe, and Critical illness
  • Alerts and reports
Patients Cared For
Patient Days

zMed Application

The Application Frontend can be accessed by any Web-Browser from any device or through our Mobile App Our Server Application can be hosted within the Hospital Premises or on the Cloud, or can be hybrid

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